Problem Solvers. Proven Advocates.

Acting in Your Best Interests

At Gardner Haas PLLC, we take the time to understand our clients’ businesses and challenges in order to develop litigation strategies to meet their goals.

Partnering with our Clients

Most law firms have a disincentive to resolve disputes quickly, but we have found that billing arrangements that reward success benefit our clients and our firm. That means we look for innovative ways to align our economic interests with those of our clients and, where appropriate, utilize contingency or hybrid fee structures.

Creating Cost-Effective Solutions

Electronic discovery has profoundly altered the pretrial discovery landscape, and not necessarily for the better. The massive amounts of data litigants must now synthesize can often obscure the very information it was meant to illuminate. Gardner Haas PLLC combines state–of–the–art technology with our years of experience to reduce the inefficiency that risks turning pretrial discovery into a series of never–ending skirmishes with little to show in the way of results.

The referrals we receive from satisfied clients — who get to spend their days building their own businesses rather than on the phone with their attorneys — more than make up for the hours we aren’t billing.

Our philosophy boils down to a simple concept: making our clients’ problems go away in the most efficient manner possible.